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Some of the benefits of a deep-green carpet of healthy grass are obvious. A home surrounded by a lush, well-kept lawn has a fresh, inviting appearance. A nice lawn also provides us with a great place to walk, relax, or play. Other benefits are not so obvious, and some might even surprise you. In this age of environmental awareness, it’s interesting to note what a hard worker the little grass plant is. Today’s lawn-type grasses have been developed for various characteristics, but grasses have covered the planet for thousands of years! Their natural ability to affect and maintain environmental conditions make them an essential ingredient in the biosphere.

A well-maintained lawn can actually help to provide a healthier place for you, your family, and your community. Some of the not-so-obvious facts of turfgrass include:

• A lawn measuring 50′ x 50′ produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of four every day.

• Grass is a natural air conditioner. It absorbs the sun’s heat during the day. Temperatures over grassy surfaces on a sunny, summer day can be 10-14° cooler than over asphalt or concrete.

• Turfgrass helps to clean the air, too. Grass plants absorb pollutants like carbon dioxide, and return pure oxygen in exchange.

• A thick, healthy lawn is a natural deterrent to allergy-causing weed pollen.

• Biting and stinging insects are found less often in lawns free of blooming weeds, such as clover.

• Traffic and other kinds of noise are greatly reduced in areas where lawns are present. Soft-surfaced landscapes absorb sound, while hard surfaces reflect it.

• Dense turf filters surface water before it returns to ground water supplies.

• Grass also works as a barrier to soil erosion from both wind and water.

We’re dedicated to caring for your lawn because we understand the many benefits it brings to you and the world we all share. We’re here to make sure it stays healthy and “on the job.” Call us whenever you have questions about caring for your turf.

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