Rick Longnecker

You work hard and arrive home a little late. No time for dinner however, because you need to take your child to soccer practice. It will be dark by the time you get home, so doing that little landscape job in the yard will have to wait for another day. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s time to think about a full service landscape maintenance program.

For many reasons landscape maintenance just makes sense. Not only will it save you time; regular landscape maintenance provides a holistic approach that ensures your property receives the care it needs when it needs it. Not piecemeal, not haphazard, but a balance that will result in stronger plants, trees and shrubs year after year.


• Caring For Your Initial Investment: After making the initial investment in the landscaping of your home (or business), it’s important to provide proper care to ensure your investment keeps its value long-term.

• Less Sweat for You: No more back-breaking labor with questionable results. Need we say more?

• Communication: In general hiring a landscape maintenance company makes for good communication because all services are under one roof, so any specific needs and requests can be addressed quickly and accurately.

• Budgeting: One of the practical benefits of a full-service landscape maintenance package is that you can budget landscaping costs. No surprises means peace of mind for you year-round.

Better for you, better for your landscape – that’s the bottom line, and the two best reasons to go with a landscape maintenance package

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