Rick Longnecker

As professionals in the green industry, our concern is for improving the environment. We spend our entire careers growing and caring for living things. The turfgrass, trees and ornamentals we help to grow produce oxygen, clean the air, improve the environment, and make all of our lives more pleasant.

Even though our job may sometimes require the use of pesticides, we handle and apply these materials with care and responsibility. Our purpose is always to improve the environment, never to harm it, so every material we use is selected to deliver the best solution to a specific problem.


Specialists who know their business and care about what they’re doing keep up with current research, stay on top of the changing weather, and have the best people and equipment to meet your needs. We’re serious about doing things right, and we’ll always work hard to earn, and keep, your confidence and trust. You can depend on the work done by our trained technicians to make your corner of the world a better, more beautiful place for you to enjoy.

We all share the earth; it’s home for every one of us. Keeping our planet alive and well is what we’re all about…not just for ourselves, but for all the children and grandchildren to come.

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