Rick Longnecker

One of the biggest challenges facing commercial landscape professionals is the task of converting large bare spaces into attractive landscaping – all within a budget. While shrubs, trees, and flower beds add beauty and color to any property, that is not all that they do. When used wisely, landscaping can introduce privacy and provide natural barriers that partition green spaces or manage foot traffic.

Trees and shrubs are great candidates for this natural barrier; but they can also be quite expensive, require a decent amount of maintenance, and can take several seasons before they make it to maturity. As you piece together your landscape plan, ornamental grasses are a great alternative to trees and shrubs.

Ornamental grasses vary in terms of color, size and shape so there are many options when looking for the perfect complement to an existing landscaping. Some can grow to the size of large bushes, while others act as more of a ground cover. Whichever variety you use, you will find that grasses are a relatively inexpensive way to fill in spaces. Compared to other plants, they are also quite low maintenance.

Attractive commercial landscaping can be a challenge. As a landscape professional, you are always seeking ways to keep costs down in terms of materials and maintenance. Ornamental grasses beautify your green spaces while easing your budget.

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