Rick Longnecker

When designing commercial landscaping and hardscaping, outdoor meeting spaces are an option to consider. With a little work, an empty outdoor space can become a usable living area to accommodate a variety of activities. For office buildings, outdoor pavilions and patios allow your tenants to be able to hold meetings or other official gatherings outside. In residential complexes, residents can enjoy pleasant weather in a shared outdoor living space. Regardless of the specifics, an outdoor meeting area makes any commercial property more attractive to current and potential tenants.

These spaces can vary in terms of size and layout. From simple park benches and picnic tables to large shelter houses. A centralized patio with a pergola can offer shade and partial shelter when matched with climbing vines such as ivy or wisteria. Surrounding the meeting space with planter boxes or flower beds can further develop the area and make it a focal point for the whole property. Outdoor meeting spaces not only beautify a property, but also create a functional outdoor living space out of unused space.

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