Rick Longnecker

Although the growing season is winding down, now is a great time to plan for landscape additions and improvements for next year. Fall is an ideal season to plant new trees and shrubs because the roots will have time to become established in advance of the wet spring and hot stressful summer ahead. Plant them this year and they will be ready for next year.

As you continue to plan, it is helpful to stagger new projects in a way that makes ecological and budgetary sense. For example, new annual beds should be installed in early spring in time for blooms, while hardscaping additions make more sense in the summer when the ground is likely dry and easy to work with.

With a comprehensive schedule, you can space out the projects throughout the year and avoid logjams in your budget. It is also very helpful to have projects on the books with your local landscape professionals. This allows you to avoid the annual schedule crunch when landscape professionals are extremely busy. Thorough planning for the upcoming season goes a long way to ensuring that all of your new projects are carried out at the ideal times with no unwelcome surprises and within budget.

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