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Most homeowners have heard at some point that fertilizer can make their lawn look great. But what is fertilizer even made of and what good does it actually do?

Simply put, fertilizer is food for your lawn. When used in the right amounts at the right times, fertilization can improve the health and appearance of your lawn now and in the future. A thriving lawn is more than just nice to look at. Healthy turf areas can reduce erosion and clean the air. Well-fed lawns also require less water to maintain than those that are stressed.

Whether man-made or organic, lawn fertilizer is made up of three primary ingredients that help your lawn in different ways. Nitrogen promotes top growth and can rapidly green up a dull, undernourished lawn. Phosphorous* helps stimulate root development, which is crucial to the long-term health of your turf. Finally, potassium makes your lawn resistant to disease and helps it retain water.

Throughout the year, the type of nutrients your lawn needs varies depending on its seasonal cycle and changing weather patterns. An efficient fertilization plan seeks to provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs at the ideal time without going overboard.

*Due to potential contributions to algae blooms in water, fertilizers with phosphorous are not available in some states.

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