Rick Longnecker

Supplying the necessary amount of water to an entire property is easier said than done. Many properties are expansive, often with varying soil types and plants. Delivering the right amount of water to the right places can be a huge challenge.

Too little water compromises the health of turf and landscaping, causing costly damage. Too much water can cause messy flooding and drown root systems. When it comes to irrigation, it pays to get it right.

With an automatic irrigation system, you can. These systems are loaded with “Smart” features, and the great thing about automatic irrigation systems is their consistency. For example:

• Built-in timers can limit watering to the cooler parts of the day when less water will be lost due to evaporation.

• With independent station programming, these systems can be set to provide certain areas with more or less water than others depending on their specific needs.

• Smart controllers can even alter the amount of water applied to your property based on weather conditions and the amount of moisture present in the soil.

The ease and consistency of an installed irrigation system eliminates the need for costly hours of manual watering. It also takes away the guesswork and planning necessary to ensure that landscaping receives the right amount of water at the right time. The efficiency and effectiveness of installed irrigation systems make them a worthy long-term investment in your property.

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