Rick Longnecker

The dormant season, when plants and trees are resting for the winter, is an ideal time for pruning. When conserving energy over the winter, most trees and shrubs are best equipped to withstand the wounds from tree and limb removal. The absence of leaves makes it easy to identify and remove dead or damaged wood.

Beyond improving the health and appearance of your property’s trees, pruning serves an important role in terms of safety. Tree-shaded parking areas and walkways make a property comfortable and attractive. Care must be taken, however, to prevent the trees that provide this shade from becoming safety hazards.

Even a small nudging from the wind can send damaged or dead branches falling to the ground. When this happens, everything below the tree’s canopy is put in jeopardy, be it vehicles, property, or people. With thorough and timely pruning, tenuous limbs and branches are removed before they can cause damage or injury.

Safety is a key part of maintaining a commercial property. Dormant pruning increases the overall health of trees and shrubs while decreasing the likelihood of storm damage or injuries.

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