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If your property has poor drainage, you’re most likely unable to fully enjoy it. Too much water is a bad thing for all types of plants. Chronically flooded turf areas are unusable for standard lawn activities and often render themselves totally off-limits.

Plant roots need oxygen. Water collecting in low areas forces oxygen out of the soil and can starve plant roots of the air they need. Overly wet areas usually have more weeds and are susceptible to waterborne and fungal disease. Bad drainage can also prevent the development of deep, mature root systems. Without healthy roots, your turf is subject to drought stress during dry periods. Poor drainage leaves your lawn vulnerable on multiple fronts.

There are many things to consider in fixing a drainage problem, and professional help is a good idea. The solution might be as simple as adding soil to a low area or constructing a surface swale that runs downhill.

If the problem is severe, you may need a more involved remedy. Installed systems include a trench lined with pea gravel. A perforated flexible pipe covered with more gravel provides an effective conduit for removing excess water.

Avoiding wet feet with good drainage will reward you with a healthier, more beautiful and more valuable landscape!

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